Money from the check cashing  sticking out of the envelope.

Effective and quick recovery of the check from the UK.

We will quickly recover and cash your UK check.

Recovery of the check from the UK.

Have you ever had your UK check expired? It is also possible that you have lost it or your check has been damaged.

Whatever your circumstances, we’ll get you a new UK tax refund check.. The entire procedure usually takes about 8-9 weeks and the total cost of renewing your check is PLN 149. 
You can easily cash the renewed check through us by clicking on the link regarding the cashing of a check from the UK

When do I use the UK check recovery?

Your UK (English, British) tax refund check has a fixed date of issue and a validity period of 6 months. You will find the date of issue of the check in its upper right corner (see photo below). It is from this date that you count the expiry date of the check.

Przykład czeku z UK.

Once your check has expired, contact us to issue a renewed check. The faster you react, the faster you will get your money. Remember, recovering a check from the UK is a lengthy procedure. HMRC first cancels the previously issued check and then issues a new one. 

How old check can be recovered and what may be needed for it?

It doesn’t matter in which year the check you want to recover was issued. We will recover any check from HMRC for you that you haven’t yet cashed. It is important that you have the following documents:

  • First, make sure you have an unrealized check from the UK. It may be that it has expired, the check is damaged, or you forgot it. If you found an unpaid check, use the contact form below and attach the necessary documents.
  • If you don’t physically have the old check, find the tax refund decision for the lost check. Based on this decision, we will recover a new UK tax refund check from HMRC.

After receiving the completed contact form from you, we will start working for you and, as a result, we will recover a new check from HMRC with your tax refund from the UK. 

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    UK check recovery / renewal. Procedure.

    1. Fill out the form below and attach a scan / photo of your check.
    2. If you don’t have a check, write down what happened to it. For example, has your check been lost, damaged, etc.
    3. You will receive the necessary documents for signing from us, which you send back to us by post. The total cost of recovering your check is PLN 149 / 30 GBP.
    4. Typically, you will have your HMRC tax refund check back in about 8-9 weeks. The actual waiting time for a renewed check may be slightly shortened. But it depends largely on the accuracy of the information you submit to us and HMRC procedures.
    5. You can cash the new check with us in accordance with the procedure described on the page HMRC/UK check cashing.

    How long does it take to clear a check from the UK?

    You must cash the check received from HMRC within 6 months from the date it was issued. The date of issue of the check is shown on the right side of the check, as in the example below. We recommend that you submit your check for cashback as soon as possible after renewal. We encourage you to cash your HMRC check through us. We usually process checks within about 6 weeks. 

    Who gets a check from HMRC in UK and when?

    The UK Tax Office (HMRC) normally sends its foreign taxpayers a tax return by letter in the form of a check. Usually, automatically following the P800 tax decision, a tax refund check is sent. In practice, after your first tax refund letter from HMRC, you will receive a second letter, which is a check, within a month. You can pay the check you have received quickly and efficiently through us.